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The CerebraAI software is not yet approved in the United States*

Our Mission

In a world where many AI applications are "nice to have", our mission is to create AI solutions that are essential in emergency medicine, revolutionizing the way critical care is delivered and ensuring better outcomes when every second counts

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  • +50 Hospitals trust CerebraAI

  • +150K Patients
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  • +700 Physicians as an active users

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AI Lab

Doszhan Zhussupov founds Almaty AI Lab in October 2018


In the beginning...

He sells his shares in a MedTech device company ( that he co-founded and invests into AI team creation by taking over a Maths-research group from the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan

The team is joined by Alma Zhussupova, MD, PhD, a neurologist who was a founder of the stroke care hospitals in Kazakhstan and Meruyert Saifullakyzy, MD, who is one of the top neurologists in the country

1st place in the "Build Your Business" competition from the Saby Foundation Sabi foundation logo
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TOP 10 most promising startups of Central Asia Irbis ventures logo
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First MVP

First MVP was launched

Alpha testing in hospitals

Pre-Seed funding from Quest Ventures

First saved life
Best Stroke Diagnosis Software Developer
Investment of the year Astana Hub logo
Member of Inception Program
The Master of Artificial Intelligence
Impact Startups
Best Innovative Startup
Finalists (TOP 5 out of 700 startups)
Seed 1 round is closed

Expanding offerings

Start of pilot projects in hospitals

Kazakhstan FDA approval for the ASPECTS and ICH modules

Seed 1 round is closed

TOP 10 (out of 323) APAC Innovation Challenge
Top 4 Digital Health startups
Top 1 (out of 250) healthtech startups in APAC
Grand Prize of AI startup Olympics

International Recognition

Market Expansion Strategy Defined: Decision to Relocate HQ to the US

HEATMAP module was launched

Accelerator (cohort 2023) StartX and Stanford logo
The Best Digital Health at Health Unity
N1 VerTech
Top 200 in Startup Battlefield TechCrunch Logo
1st place in Innov8 Start-up Competition Global Health Execution Logo
Seed 2 round closed led by Big Sky Capital

First International Pilots

Pilots in Uzbekistan

Seed 2 round is closed

Preparation for Relocation of HQ from Kazakhstan to the US

Enhancing HEATMAP Algorithm

Health Engine acceleration program Health Engine and Berkeley logo
Startups Founders Hub member
TOP1 AI Startup

US chapter

Relocation of the HQ to Palo Alto, US

Pilots in Saudi Arabia

Submission to FDA for Breakthrough Device Designation (BDD)

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