Our pipeline

Our pipeline is designed to address key limitations of today's diagnosis of ischemic stroke by using the full potential of NCCT powered by Generative AI


Preclinical Assessment and Design

  • Identification of Need: Preliminary research to understand clinical problem the CerebraAI software aims to address and to identify potential user needs and market opportunities
  • Risk Management: Comprehensive risk assessment to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with the software’s design, usage, and data storage
  • Usability Testing: Evaluation of the clinicians interaction with the software to identify the level of user-friendliness and potential design improvements

Protocol Development

  • Regulatory Considerations: Regulatory Considerations: Identification of the appropriate regulatory pathway for the CerebraAI software to get the FDA approval
  • Clinical trial design: Clinical trial design: Development of research questions and objectives, determination of selection criteria, and selection of the analysis methods
  • Documentation: Documentation: Outline of the clinical trial framework and its details


Deep Learning Enabled Acute Ischemic Stroke Lesion Segmentation for Smart Healthcare System

  • Springer Professional, conference proceedings: MEDICON & CMBEBIH 2023 Conference under category: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Healthcare

    Bosnia and Herzegovina and Biological Engineering Society, September 2023

The CerebraAI software is not yet approved in the United States